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Certified Reference Material

Chemical Component Physics and Physico-Chemistry Technological and Engineering Biochemistry and Bioengineering

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 Fertilizers, Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs
 Technological,Engineering and High Polymer
 High Purity Materials and Standards for Volumetric Analysis
 Standards for Verification and Calibration of Analytical Instruments

moreNew Released Reference Materials

Code Description Add Time
 GBW13955  Multi-layer thin film thickness CRM of … 2014.05
 GBW10089  Elements in Black Fungus Powder 2014.05
 GBW(E)061723  Purity of Tetracycline 2014.03
 BW2027  Reference Material for the Calibration … 2014.02
 BW2025-2  Reference Material for the Verification… 2014.02

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·Garlic Flour
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